For Clients

The cornerstone of an exceptional workers’ compensation program is a successful and fluid collaboration between medical and insurance professionals. Part of what makes Accelerated Inc. such a valuable asset to your program is our ability to facilitate seamless relations between the many distinct groups involved in workers’ compensation claims.

Accelerated Inc.’s clients are the TPAs, MCOs, and insurance companies that seek to provide immediate access to high-quality, cost-effective medical services. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about our clients, it’s that no two are alike. Accelerated Inc. has learned that the key to developing positive working relationships between clients, providers, and patients is the willingness to adapt our system to fulfill the needs of those we work with. Our clients rely on us to assist adjusters and claims managers, saving time spent on case management and maintaining continuous communication between groups.

At Accelerated Inc., we believe that achieving cooperative coordination between groups depends on our ability to successfully accommodate the needs of our clients, patients, and medical providers.

Our clients love that when they call Accelerated Inc., a person answers their call rather than an automated phone system. The personal attention given to every client is one of the many things that set us apart from other scheduling companies.

Clients rely on Accelerated Inc. to provide:

Priority Scheduling
Accelerated Inc. gives our patients fast access to appointments that accommodate their busy schedules.
Rapid Turnaround on Reports
Accelerated Inc. provides clients with detailed medical reports describing patient’s progress within 48 hours of the appointment, allowing case managers to proceed with cases
Continuous Communication
Accelerated Inc. stays in contact with patients, case managers, and medical providers.

Simply put, our largest responsibility is maintaining the satisfaction of the different groups involved in every workers’ compensation claim by simplifying the recovery process.