For Facilities

What does it mean to be a part of Accelerated Inc.’s trusted network of medical facilities?

The goals of Accelerated Inc.’s geographic franchise are balance and selectivity: We are not in the business of contracting with as many facilities as possible. We want to have enough facilities to cover an area without sacrificing the quality of medical service or creating unnecessary competition between facilities. We aim to provide coverage so that no patient will be more than 20 minutes from the services they need.

Once we have found a facility within a specific area that we can trust to provide the level of service our patients require, we prefer to work with that facility as much as possible. We believe that by working closely with our trusted facilities on a regular basis, we are best able to achieve our dual goals of superior service and seamless operations.

Our facilities have come to appreciate both the administrative support and the financial benefits provided by joining Accelerated Inc.’s trusted network of providers.

Some of these benefits include:

More business
Joining Accelerated Inc.’s network of medical centers provides access to our extensive network of reliable patients.
Administrative Support
Accelerated Inc. pre-screens all of our patients, cutting down on administrative tasks and intake time.
Fast Payments
Accelerated Inc. processes payments immediately upon receipt of the medical report or bill.

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